The Snoligoster is a species of magical creature native to the frontier forests of North America.


The Snoligoster looks very similar to a Muggle crocodile or alligator. However, it has no legs, so it only swims with a propeller-like structure on its tail. It has a large spike jutting out from the center of its body. It has a long head, body, and tail. It has several sharp teeth and a barrel-shaped green body covered in black stripes.


Due to having no legs, the Snoligoster uses its propeller-like tail to drive it through the water. For this reason, it is said to move at lightning speeds and have no trouble catching a boat. Once underneath a boat, it uses the spike on its back to impale the bottom, causing a leak. It will then wait for anything to fall into the water, which it will then attempt to eat.


A Snoligoster lived in the Hockamock Swamp, a location where Isolt Sayre and William the Pukwudgie went to play in. Though they are normally very dangerous, this individual loved playing with the two, and even showed them its nest of eggs. These eggs hatched later in the year. As well as the two friends, it also lived with hodagssnallygasters, wampus cats, and Milamos.


The spine of a Snoligoster is useful in making potions. Specifically, it is used in the potion Veloces Natare, which enables the user to increase their strength and speed while swimming. However, due to the size and strength of a Snoligoster, these spines are hard to come by.


  • The Snoligoster is rated XXXX by the Magical Congress of the United States of America due to its preying on boats. This is especially true if the occupants are Muggles, as the only known way to stop a Snoligoster-made hole is to use the Mending Charm on the boat hull, which Muggles are incapable of doing. For this reason, there is a Snoligoster Task Force in the MACUSA that helps protect Muggle boaters from the dangers of this beast.

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