Simon Brocklebank (born 1984) is the only child of Cassius Brocklebank and Calpurnia Barghest Brocklebank of New York City and Sleepy Hollow, Westchester County, New York.  He has dark, curly hair, dark brown eyes and often speaks in a drawl.  He is admitted to Kaaterskill Academy of Magic in the Fall of 1995 and is sorted into Tenskwatawa House, to which both his parents had also belonged.  Even before his arrival at Kaaterskill, Simon became an antagonist of Ethan Lloyd when he disparaged Ethan's family because one ancestor had been a Muggle.

At Kaaterskill, Brocklebank carried on a feud with Ethan Lloyd and members of Bradbury House.  He became Seeker on the Tenswatawa quidditch team in his second year, the same year that Lloyd made the Bradbury team as Seeker,

The Brocklebanks have been considered part of the American wizarding aristocracy since before the American Revolution and have traditionally been advocates for Pure-Blood domination of the wizarding world.  Simon's mother is a member of the Barghest family, a prominent midwestern wizarding family of similar beliefs and influence.  Her brother is Lothar Barghest, an important figure in the US Department of Magic in the 1990s.

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