Sharadine School of Witchcraft

Sharadine School of Witchcraft Merged (formerly Shardine School of Witchcraft for Girls) is a one-time all-girls magic school which became co-educational in 1986. It is located on a mountaintop and was founded in 1257. Its location beyond this is unknown, but it appears to be somewhere which either falls under the jurisdiction of the British Ministry of Magic or at least has a extradition treaty with same. First years are sorted into three groups by a fortune teller who reads their minds.


Madam Juane Tatooli (headmistress)
Professor Thomas Erwin (Transfiguration, before 1981 - 1994)
Professor Samantha Gooding (Astronomy)
Professor O. Arthur McWilliams (Charms)
Arana Filch (caretaker)


The original version of Harry Potter and the Man of Unknown states Sharadine School begins in August, but immediately contradicts this by portraying the first day of school as happening a couple days after the Attack at Godric's Hollow. The revised version includes an apparent attempt at a correction, instead stating the school begins in October. This too is in error, as two days after 31 October would be into November.


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