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Template:Character infobox Serra Hartmann (b. 1926 in Saarlouis, Germany) is a Seer most widely known for a prophecy given on 22 March 1999 to Gawain Robards predicting the birth of a potential dark wizard. That prophecy, recorded and delivered to the Künstepräfektur, predicted:

…darkness gathered scatters…darkness scattered gathers again…when midnight strikes the height of day, the city fades to shadow…the motherless daughter will be found by those who are not of her kind…in command of great forces, she will know the greatest fear…the terrible choice…between the evil in her and the good in her…when midnight strikes the height of day, and the city fades to shadow…she will come…

Based on the details of the prediction, Robards came to believe that the subject of the prophecy would be born, abandoned, and found during the solar eclipse of 11 August 1999. He was, however, unable to confirm this suspicion.

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