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Seekers Weekly is a sporting magazine founded in 1866 by former Quidditch seeker Matthias Hutcheson and dedicated, according to Hutcheson, "to the subtle science of Snitch-snatching."

Title Controversy

Heated debate continues to rage among devoted subscribers concerning to the correct spelling of the magazine's title: Seeker's Weekly, Seekers' Weekly, or Seekers Weekly. Confusing the issue and fueling the debate is the fact that the apostrophe itself tends to wander and, at times, inconveniently disappear from the cover altogether.

Cover Record

Ginny Potter of the Holyhead Harpies appeared on a record seven SW covers during her eight-year career:

  • 1-8 July 2000; for being named the United Kingdom Rookie of the Year.
  • 27 October - 3 November 2001; for catching the Snitch to end a nine-day match against Puddlemere United.
  • 16-23 February 2002
  • 4-11 December 2004
  • 1-7 May 2005; for setting a European Union record of catching the Snitch in eleven seconds.
  • 12-19 August 2006; for leading the British National Team to the Quidditch World Cup.
  • 10-17 November 2007; for setting a European Union record of catching the Snitch in 19 consecutive games.


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