The House of Aernaion, also known as the Second Dynasty, was an Al-Antidian family which came to hold the Alluvial Throne after the extinction of the Laqtinujid dynasty, becoming the second ruling house of the Al-Antidian Empire. The Aernaionids were descendants of Anipheon, the second son of Divine Sovereign Ampaloperion I, his son and future Divine Sovereign Aernaion I having been the one to inherit the Al-Antidian throne after the death of Protion III.

During the reign of the Aernaionids, the capital of Al-Antidia was in the city of Aernaion, located somewhere in Europe. It would be during this period that the Al-Antidian Empire developed most part of its theocratic doctrine, fully supported by all Divine Sovereigns after Aernaion I. The dynasty became extinct after the death of Prozac II, and the throne was inherited by Ampaloperion II, a great-grandson of Prozac I.

Known members

Divine Sovereigns



Royal house
House of Aernaion
Preceded by
First Dynasty
Ruling House of the Al-Antidian Empire
7951 - 11215
Succeeded by
Third Dynasty