Saving Mum & Dad is a novel by chiQs09 II.



Hayden Malfoy. A boy on a mission to change the future. He wants to keep his family together instead of it tearing apart. He has had to live with foster parents since he was little. Now he knows what he must do: Travel back in time to get his parents to end up happily ever after and him to grow up as the happy carefree child he should have been, but will it work? Can he change the past to fix his future?


  1. Deprivation
  2. One Malfoy Too Many
  3. Potions Class
  4. Corner
  5. Hayden's Advantage
  6. Understanding The Dream
  7. The Set Up
  8. Involuntary Memory
  9. Hayden's Boggart
  10. Naomi's Plan
  11. In Caritate Servire
  12. Do You Know Why?
  13. The Misunderstanding
  14. The Practice Kiss


Saving Mum & Dad

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