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  Sarah Aquilinia-Jones
  Sarah Aquilinia-Jones
Gender  Female
Hair  Brown
Born  15 January 2010
Died  19 December 2027
Blood  Half-Blood
Title  Head Girl
Wand  Hawthorn and Unicorn Tail-hair
Patronus  Rattlesnake
Affiliation  Slytherin

Sarah Aquilina-Jones was the illegitemate daughter of Ciecherella Aquilinia-Jones and Harry Potter.

Early Life

Sarah was put up for adoption and was adopted by Cyclamen Malfoy and her fiance, Ambrose Bones. Two years after she was adopted, her parents married. They had three children, Gregory, Maria and Lobelius. Sarah was raised in Ipswich and, in 2021, received her Hogwarts letter. She began attending on 1 September 2021.


Sarah was sorted into Slytherin and into the Quartz dormitory, suggesting she was a flawed Slytherin. She was a bookish loner with slightly wolfish tendencies, she enjoyed eating her steaks rare, for example. She proved a brilliant student and worked hard at her studies. In her second year, however, she began to become increasingly irrational and suffered from terribly life-like visions. She began Divination in her third year, and in January 2024 she suffered a seizure and made her first prophecy. on the 3rd February, 2024, the Wizarding World War began when the Rebellion Government of Spain invaded Portugal. Within a matter of days the remainder of countries had aligned themselves either with Spain or the Anti-Spanish Alliance.

Chief Prophet

The International Confederation of Wizards, hearing of Sarah's visions, removed her from Hogwarts and appointed her their Chief Prophet. She was privately tutored by the Head of the Confederation herself, Vsna Ostrozinska. The prophetic 'attacks', as she called them, became more frequent, forseeing plans of the Federation of Spanish Aligned Countries and also the results of battles. However, on the 15 May 2027 she suffered a terrible fit.

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