Samael (Hebrew: סַמָּאֵל‎, "Venom of God" or "Poison of God," or "Blindness of God" Sammael or Samil) is one of the archangels of Aion, usually regarded as an accuser, seducer and destroyer. He is the archangel of death, and resides in the seventh heaven, despite being the ruler of the fifth.

When Beedle the Bard's Tale of the Three Brothers came to be known in mainland Europe shortly after its publication in the 15th century, Aenean theologians and scholars came to analyse the story, and identified the character of Death as the archangel Samael. This, together with the fact that the three Peverell brothers were actual historical figures, led to the inclusion of an altered version of the tale as a canonical scripture in the Aenean faith.


Drawing many similarities from his Hebraic version, Samael is seen in Aeneanism as the primary angel of death, and is sometimes given the name of Satan, describing him as an accuser. In the Aenean faith, as with all other accusers, Samael is his real name, Satan being a simple title. He rules over the fifth heaven, commanding countless angels and also several other accusers.

In post-15th century scriptures, the inclusion of a slightly altered version of the Tale of the Three Brothers, made with the consent of the Pentarchy, came to feature one of the few major appearances of Samael in the canonical works of the Aenean Church.

There are few direct mentions of Samael after this episode, but several references occur in the last canonical scriptures to be written.