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This entry describes a school separate and distinct from the Salems Witches Institute

The Salems Witches Institute is one of the premier magical academies in the United States. Located in Salem, Massachusetts, the institute was founded in 1644 by Dorothy Eames.

Like the vast majority of magical institutions, the Salem Witch Institute is Unplottable, and concealed with an array of defensive charms that make it unrecognizable to non-magical viewers.

Originally named the Salem School with an inaugural class of nineteen students, the school expanded steadily over the centuries to encompass twenty-two buildings on more than 100 acres.

1644 Class Registry

According to Eames' personal journals, the inaugural class of American wizarding students included:

  • Douglas Black
  • Sophia Cabot
  • Hermann Emerson
  • Elizabeth Graham
  • John Hollander
  • Llewellyn Kerr
  • Richmond Lassiter
  • Frederick McGinty
  • Arthur Middlebrook
  • Lawrence Montgomery
  • Celeste Northrup
  • Geoffrey Overton
  • Josephine Pinckney
  • Arlington Rhodes
  • Washington Smith
  • Walter Spurr
  • Edmund Taylor
  • Sheldon Vestal
  • Abigail Whitehurst

All nineteen students successfully completed Eames' six-year course of study.

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