The Sacrifices Arc is a series of seven novels of alternate universe novels written by Lightning on the Wave, in which Harry Potter's twin brother is believed to be the Boy Who Lived, and Harry is trained from a young age to be his protector. The series chronicles Harry's attempt to become vates, a powerful wizard who breaks the webs binding magical creatures in this world, and to bring about reform and revolution in the Wizarding World.


  1. Saving Connor
  2. No Mouth But Some Serpent's
  3. Comes Out of Darkness Morn
  4. Maze of Light
  5. Freedom And Not Peace
  6. Wind That Shakes the Seas and Stars
  7. A Song In Time of Revolution
  8. I Am Also Thy Brother


The Sacrifices Arc contains many OC's and CIC's throughout the seven books, many which are explained here.


Fans have also created a facebook page simply called "Lightning on the Wave Fans" and a website, Marvellous Mercies.

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