Sacred Moon is an experimental Harry Potter and Kingdom Hearts crossover story written by DarthImperius.

The story is set during the event of Harry's third year, and during the events of 368/2 Days. According to the author, the story's main pairing consists of Roxas and Harry.


"As the Heartless reach a new world in their unending search for hearts, the power of the Keyblade is bestowed yet to another. However, even fate may have a different path in store for this new wielder of the Keyblade, one which may lead to either success or utter ruin."


  1. The Night of Fate
  2. A Hollow Fortress
  3. Thoughts of the Dark
  4. Inside the Express
  5. A Heart of Darkness
  6. Dark Shadow
  7. Towards the Abyss
  8. Number XV
  9. The First Days
  10. Roxas
  11. An Old World


Main characters