"Well… this was a disaster."
—Ruslan regarding the inauguration of the Imperial Planetarium
Professor Ruslan Mikhailovsky, better known in certain circles as "The Professor", was a Russian dark wizard who worked as the head of the Imperial Institute for Deficiency and Mental Injuries and was also the founder of the Carbonek Institute, a muggle organization connected to the Imperial Institute.

Secretly, he was also the leader of the Consortium, under the alias of "the Professor". He was also once a professor at the Imperial University of Moscow, but appears to have retired from that role.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Nucleus Manipulation - Ruslan was able to use magic to extract the Nucleus of a human, and to restore the Nucleus to the body where it had been extracted from. He also used his knowledge to create a mutation that made severe alterations to the Nucleus and its vessel.


Leader of the Eternal Queen's cult
Preceded by:
Herpo the Foul
? - present Succeeded by:

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