Template:Wizard individual infoboxRuby Margaret Comstock (née Doyle) (b. 4 March 1979) was a Canadian half-blood witch and journalist for the newspaper known as the "Dominion Press". She was born to the deceased Arthur and Margaret Doyle (née Milton), a Muggle and half-blood respectively, and was the younger sister of the late Julia Doyle, who lost her life when a Portkey vanished. Ruby attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1990 to 1994, to which she finished her education at Whitestar Academy of Magic after she was expelled.

While Ruby attended Ilvermorny, she was quite the troublemaker. It all came to a head when she was expelled from Ilvermorny for stealing items from the Potions Master's private stash to make Polyjuice potion. To say her parents were cross with her would be a wild understatement. She then finished her education at the French-Canadian wizarding school; Whitestar Academy of Magic, and graduated in 1997. Afterwards, Ruby began a journalism career, taking a job with a major Canadian wizarding newspaper; the Dominion Press. Over the years, Ruby became close to the Comstock family through her sister's engagement to Zachary Hale Comstock. While Ruby was working in Argentina, her father died from a heart-attack, which devastated her.

While working with the newspaper, Ruby got to travel the world and report on world happenings. During this time, she had highly publicized romances with several wizards, though none of them led to anything. Ruby's travelling ended when she was informed that a Portkey on its way to France had disappeared; Ruby's sister was one of the people who took that particular Portkey. The news that her sister and so many family friends had simply vanished crushed Ruby. She immediately traveled to France where her sister's fiancé was drinking heavily in order to deal with his depression. Ruby then began a sexual relationship with Zachary in order to hopefully alleviate the pain from losing so many people in the vanishing Portkey. The day after the Portkey was found burned up in Spain, Ruby's mother passed away mysteriously, which just added to the pain of losing several loved ones.

Eventually, Ruby and Zachary formed a true relationship and married some years after. With him, she had two children; Connor William Comstock, named after Zachary's deceased half-brother and father, and Julia Abigail Comstock, who was named after Ruby's sister. The couple moved into a large house in St. Catharines, Ontario along with Zachary's sole remaining brother and his family while Ruby continued her journalism career, but remained in Canada and instead reported on domestic events.