The Rothes family was Force-sensitive Human bloodline from Scotland who became affiliated with the Sith remnant, and established a dynasty which came to rule over the Sith community of Scotland. The power and influence of the Rothes grew enough that a member of the family came to hold the position of Sith Overlord.

During the 20th century, the family and its supporters became divided due to the civil war between Malcolm Rothes and his wife Cordelia, who fought to win control over the Sith which inhabited Scotland. The long conflict came to an end when the Sith Lord Dramath Hord allied himself with Cordelia and assassinated Malcolm, bringing the Sith of Scotland under Cordelia's control.

Family members

Name Notes
Unidentified Sith Overlord A ancestor of Malcolm Rothes which held the title of Sith Overlord for nearly fifty years.
Malcolm Rothes The patriarch of the family and ruler of the Sith in the southern half of Scotland.
Cordelia Rothes The wife of Malcolm and the ruler of the Sith which inhabit the north of Scotland.
Unidentified children Several unnamed children of Malcolm and Cordelia.
Unidentified grandchildren

The unnamed grandchildren of Malcolm and Cordelia.