The Imperial Hymn of the Roman Empire, known also as "Gods save, Gods protect", is an hymn which serves as the official anthem of the Roman Empire. It was based on the 1854 version of the anthem of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with major changes in the lyrics. The anthem is sung in Imperial Greek, and was first used in the coronation of Hadrian II.

Depending on the reining monarch and his or her consort, the penultimate verse of the hymn is changed accordingly.


The lyrics of the hymn, when translated into English from its original language, are the following:

Gods save, Gods protect
Our Emperor, Our Empire!
Powerful through the support of the Faith,
He leads us with a wise hand!
Let the Crown of his Fathers
shield against any foe!
Rome's Destiny remains
intimately united with the Habsburg throne!


Pious and honest, true and open
Let us stand for the right and duty;
Let, if and only if, with joyful hope
Go courageously in the fight to us
Mindful of the bay sprigs
The army is often the case, the wall
Blood and Treasure for Our Emperor,
Blood and Treasure for Our Empire!


What the citizens diligently created
may the emperor's power protect;
With the cheery spirit weapons
Victory Arts and Science!
Blessed is the land allotted
And his fame the same blessing;
Helios's bright sun in peace
On a happy Rome!


Let us stand together firmly,
In the unity is power;
With the combined forces rule
If the severity accomplished easily,
Let us band of brothers through one
Go towards the same goal
Hail to the Emperor, healing the land,
Rome will stand forever!


At the Emperor's side prevails,
He related by common sense and,
Rich in charm that never outdated,
Our gracious empress.
What luck to be praised as highly
Stream from the sky on them:
Hail Hadrian, Hail Beatrice,
Blessing to the entire House of Habsburg!


King of Kings, Ruling Over Rulers (first appearance)

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