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Roderick Prince was born to Lorcan Prince and his wife Mairead in Donegal. His namesake, Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair, was the last Muggle High King of the Éire. Growing up, he was also told the story of Saint Roderic, a Muggle priest who refused to renounce his Christian beliefs and was martyred for his faith.

Lorcan's only biological child, Roderick first showed signs of magic at an early age. At the age of five years, he had already mastered the Accio charm. His first use of the charm involved recovering a copy of a favorite Muggle novel, George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion," from a shelf too high to reach.

He doted on his adopted younger sister, Aoibheann Prince.


Hogwarts days

When Roderick was accepted into Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat pulled a mild Hat-Stalk on him and nudged him toward Ravenclaw. It finally put him in Gryffindor, stating that he was more a lion inside than an eagle.

To Roderick, Amortentia had the odour of spearmint and bell heather. He was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team as their Keeper for his second and third years. In his third year, he became a registered Animagus, a red squirrel.


Few people other than his fellow Aurors and family knew Prince constantly wore a beautifully crafted oak rosary on a cord around his neck under his shirt; a gift from Lorcan to Roderick on his son's first birthday away from home, a gift that would be passed down to his second-born grandson after his death as mentioned in the Auror's will.

Auror Service

Prince served as an Auror in the Ministry of Magic for most of his life. He admitted himself that he got top marks in Stealth and Tracking and an only slightly lower grade in Concealment and Disguise, but only passed the Poisons and Antidotes training by having a bezoar on him.

He earned the alias "Carraig" from his fellow Aurors for his rock-steady courage. Two schoolmates and fellow Aurors, Daire Curran and Asgard Whitby, were the first ones to coin the nickname. With their help, he befriended and started dating another auror on the force, Muireann Barratt.

The first Dark wizard Prince put in Azkaban was a man named Cepheus Derwent.

Later life

Later in his life, Curran gave him tips and helped him propose to Muireann. Roderick asked for her hand in marriage in a very special way, giving her a wedding ring he designed himself with elemental magic. An elated Muireann tackled him in a hug and kissed him almost senseless before accepting. During their search for a home together, Muireann had but one ultimatum on the house, that the house they find be one that had known true love within its walls in the past.

Their union produced two well-loved children, a son and a daughter, Eileen and Kyle.

After Muireann's death in a heated battle with dark wizards, Roderick almost gave up, sinking into a deep depression and retreating to their bedchamber. His children had to Imperio him to get him to eat. After a very near-miss where a despondent, suicidal Roderick almost used the Killing Curse on himself, Kyle warded his father's wand and hid it from him. Muireann appearing to the Auror and telling him both how she died, saving an innocent's life, and that he had grandchildren made Roderick want to begin to continue living again for his family.

When Roderick held his youngest grandson for the first time after his birth, he gifted him with his middle name, Donndubhán.

Roderick and Severus were extremely close when Severus was growing up. He used to sing The Isle of Innisfree as a lullaby to put his grandson to sleep when he was a baby. The Auror would often be found keeping watch over him in his animagus form, curled up in the bassinette against Severus' back. Roderick's family gave him the loving nickname "The Pied Piper of Banbridge" for how he played the tin whistle, an instrument he left in his will to Severus after teaching him how to play it.

DMLE clear

Carraig Prince was brought into the Order of the Phoenix through his daughter and grandson when Eileen sent a patronus to him. He heard through her that the Order needed a new safe house, so he offered Prince Manor in Banbridge and sent Eileen the portkey she needed.

He proved himself to be a capable fighter, taking out both Sirius Black and Minerva Sorcha McGonagall in a training duel. Only then did he reveal his background to them. Minerva offered him a part-time teaching position as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, a position Prince happily accepted. Prince openly accepted Remus Lupin as an assistant a week later.

Final battle and legacy

Upon finding out about the Spirit Killers, an enraged Roderick engaged Voldemort in a one on one battle and used the Final Strike to kill him, willingly giving his life in battle to defend his grandson.

Roderick was laid to rest in the family cemetery beside Muireann and their paintings were hung in Prince Manor, at the Ministry, and at Hogwarts. The Prince patriarch was awarded a posthumous Order of Merlin, First Class for his sacrifice.

During Roderick's wake, Severus read his grandfather's favorite Muggle poem, Tennyson's "Crossing The Bar".


  • Bua no Bas
  • Betrayer's Blade
  • Coming Back To You (portrait)

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