The Roc is a species of magical bird native to the island of Madagascar.


The Roc looks like a giant Muggle eagle. It has a sharp beak and talons and grey feathers with some white and tan feathers on its underbelly and beneath its wings. It has two tufts of feathers on its head and a massive wingspan. It has a short tail and a forked, snake-like tongue.


The Roc is so massive and powerful that it is capable of carrying an elephant in flight. However, it tends to go after smaller prey, as it has to leave its natural habitat of Madagascar in order to find an elephant, as they have never lived on Madagascar. It lays eggs so massive that many sailors who landed on Madagascar centuries ago mistook them for giant buildings. It is also known to guard a mountain of jewels. Many an adventurer has tried and failed to claim these jewels, and the Roc hasn't lost a single one since the events of Sinbad the Sailor.


It is said that the great Sinbad the Sailor once mistook the egg of a Roc for a broken-down building. When the Roc returned, Sinbad hitched a ride on its leg in order to try to obtain some jewels. He was able to take a few and flee back to his ship before the Roc noticed.


Broken or hatched Roc eggs can be used as shelters for a witch or wizard who happens to be a cast away on Madagascar. However, it is best to try to move them away from the Roc's nest, as they are known to throw away discarded egg shells.


  • The Roc is rated XXXX by the Ministry of Magic due to its aggressive tendencies and its ability to kill elephants.

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