Rise of the Emperor is a Harry Potter & Star Wars crossover story written by DarthImperius, serving as the epilogue of Shadows of the Sith and also as the prologue of Shards of the Force.

It begins right after the final events of Shadows of the Sith, and focuses primarily on the outcome of the foundation of the Galactic Empire under Emperor Harrison.

The story is complete, having a total of three chapters. It is followed by Shards of the Force, the final episode of the Rise of the Sith series.


"The Galactic Republic is no more, and the Galactic Empire has risen to take its place, guided by the hand of the Emperor. And as the galaxy shifts, through the Force, unseen and unfelt ripples are sent, as a great shadow from the past begins to envelop the present, all eyes blind to this darkness."


  1. Aftermath
  2. Empire
  3. Emperor

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