Remus Lupin was the only son of Romulus Lupin and his wife Nerissa. Remus was a good wizard, smart, and quiet.


When he was young, the werewolf Fenrir Greyback attacked him and his mother. Remus, refusing to leave Nerissa, went on the offence, his instinctive magic shielding her, and was bitten in her place.

Even though his affliction should have thrown him into rages, it only seemed to make him even quieter. Because of his lack of friends, he tended to keep to his books while attending Muggle school. But, his father told him, he would soon be in the wizarding world where his secret would be even more distancing... but maybe, if he kept his mouth shut, he would find some friends who could understand the other parts of him.

Remus did have one other flaw, besides the beast inside of him: He was so very lonely. And because of this, when he did make friends, he tended to let them do whatever they pleased, to him and to others. He had been so used to being disliked...He only wanted to keep the few friends he had made a while longer.

His true friends included Severus Snape, "Shadow"; Sirius Black, "Padfoot;" James Potter, "Prongs", Lily Evans, "Angelflower", and Madison Andrews, "Lightning."

Remus later accepted an Auror apprenticeship under Roderick Prince.

Marauders map
Marauders map


Remus had light brown hair and soft brown eyes. He was of average height and looked generally harmless from afar, thanks to his scrawny build. Up close, however, the scars on his face told a different story. There was a sadness in his eyes that never truly left and the smiles he gave never truly brightened the shadows of his face. His clothes were slightly shabby, mostly from his lack of concern over physical appearances and also because his mother - during his summer vacations - simply had no idea how to take care of robes.