Remus Jacob Lupin

House: Gryffindor

Appearance: Light brown hair, and soft brown eyes. He is of average height and looks generally harmless from afar, thanks to his scrawny build. Up close, however, the scars on his face tell a different story. There is a sadness in his eyes that never truly leaves, and the smiles he gave never truly brighten the shadows of his face. His clothes are slightly shabby, mostly from his lack of concern over physical appearances and also because his mother- during his summer vacations -simply had no idea how to take care of robes.

Remus was the only son of Romulus Lupin and his wife Nerissa.

Remus Lupin was a good wizard, smart and quiet. What used to be rambunctious curiosity before the 'incident' is now only silent interest. He had the good sense to know when to speak and when to be quiet. And, even though his affliction should throw him into rages, it only seemed to make him even quieter. Because of his lack of friends, he tended to keep to his books while attending Muggle school. But, his father told him, he would soon be in the wizarding world where his secret would be even more distancing... but maybe, if he kept his mouth shut, he would find some friends who could understand the other parts of him.

Remus did have one other flaw, besides the beast inside of him: He was so very lonely. And because of this, when he did make friends, he tended to let them do whatever they please, to him and to others. He had been so used to being disliked... He only wanted to keep the few friends he had made a while longer.

His true friends included Severus Donovan Snape, "Shadow"; Sirius Orion Black, "Padfoot;" James Harold Potter, "Prongs", Lily Marie Evans, "Angelflower", and Madison Andrews, "Lightning."


"What makes a spell 'dark' or 'light' is how it's used. Even the Dark Arts is important. Just because its Dark Magic doesn't mean its evil. Just because a spell is classified as 'Dark' doesn't mean it's necessarily bad. I'll give you an example. The Levitating spell is a Light spell which first years learn, correct? Imagine this. Someone levitates their nemesis and dangles them out the window. Then, they intentionally drop the spell and their enemy falls to their death. In this case, the Levitating spell is dangerous. It is what caused the death of an innocent. But it is considered a Light spell. Another example is this: you know that the Aduro Shield, one of the strongest in the world, is considered Dark because of its fire properties. If someone uses it and manages to stop another from getting hit with.. say, a pain curse, is it really so bad for one to use it?The difference between what someone may call a 'good' use of a spell, or a 'bad' use, is the intent. Your intention changes everything. If you meant to kill someone by dropping them out the window, then in that case, the Levitating spell is 'evil'. If you meant to save someone by using the Aduro Shield, then the spell is 'good'. Do you understand what I'm talking about now? Even the Unforgivables. I'll start with the Imperius. Suppose someone has suicidal intentions. To stop them from hurting themselves, someone may use the Imperius Curse on them. It may be the only way to keep them safe. I know this because I've had to personally use it on Professor Snape more than once to keep him alive. Now, the Cruciatus... Have you ever heard of spirit possession? Spirit possession is similar to what happened to Miss Weasley in her first year. Sometimes though, the only way to drive the spirit away is pain. That's where the Cruciatus comes in use. And imagine this: you are terribly sick and nothing anyone does can help you. There is no medication that will work, no potion or spell that will cure you. Everyday, you are in pain, and your body is slowly failing. Wouldn't it be kinder just to let you go? Two simple words, a flash of green light, and everything is over. Every curse and spell has its good points and bad points. It is how we, as humans, use them that decide whether it is actually good or evil."-- Remus

"I know that one from experience. . . I had to mercy kill a beloved horse of mine. Dark Desire. . . Des. . . was suffering . . . I remember I told Des I loved her and always would before I cast the Curse. I didn't do it out of anger, hate or a lust for vengeance. . . I did it because I didn't want her to suffer anymore. I loved her enough to let her go."- Severus

“I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.”

"I agree, Shadow. Everyone has the right to be stupid, but he's abusing the privilege. When I asked him 'how stupid can you be' it wasn't a challenge!"

"You know, Moony, some people just need a sympathetic pat... On the head... With a sledgehammer!"

“Why, yes, I have been known to use all of the swear words in one sentence... and he caused it." Severus and Remus, referring to Alan Conway

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