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  Ralph Deedle/Dolohov
Gender  Male
Hair  Black
Born  Between 2004-2005
Blood  Half blood
Alias  Ralphinator
Wand  18" Knucklewood and (allegedly) Himalayan Yeti whisker, thick as a broomstick
Occupation  Student
Affiliation  James Potter
Progressive Element (formerly)

Ralph Deedle is a thoughtful, awkwerd large boy who befriends James Potter (Harry Potter's eldest son) on the Hogwarts Express on the train before their first year, along with an American boy named Zane Walker. His father Dennis is an unemployed computer security software designer and was surprised with Ralph got his letter from Hogwarts. Despite the fact that Ralph had been sorted into Slytherin, he maintains his friendship with James, much to some older Slytherins' chagrin. Ralph owns a GameDeck (to those Slyterhins' even greater chagrin), on which he has given himself the screen name "Ralphinator," a portmanteau of "Ralph" and "Terminator."


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