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The Professional Quodpot Federation is the largest professional North American quodpot league. It was formed in 1946 by the managers of twelve professional quodpot clubs in the United States, Mexico, and Cuba. The Federation currently consists of eighteen franchises, with teams as far north as Canada.

The regular season is a twenty-three week schedule during which each team gets two bye weeks and plays twenty-one games.

Founding Teams

Chihuahua — el Fuego del Sol (loosely: the Sunfire)
Denver — the Skygliders
Havana — los Porteros (loosely: the Gatekeepers)
Hermosillo — los Toreros (loosely: the Bullfighers)
Indianapolis — the Speed Demons
Las Vegas — the Land Sharks
Memphis — the Blueboys
Minneapolis — the Water Striders
Los Angeles — the Desert Eagles
Monterrey — los Coyotes
Salt Lake City — the Journeymen
Spokane — the Mountain Lions

Expansion Teams

Toronto — the Lakesiders (1955)
Philadelphia — the High Fliers (1961)
Washington, D.C. — the River Dogs (1973)
Winnipeg — the Snow Devils (1979)
Atlanta — the Roughnecks (1986)
Boston — the Minutemen (1994)

Chicago -  the Four Stars (1996)

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