The Potter family, alternatively referred to as the House of Potter, was a large and wealthy pure-blooded family of wizarding Britain. According to history, the Potters descended from a medieval potioneer known as Linfred of Stinchcombe, who had seven children, his eldest son Hardwin being the progenitor of the only surviving branch of the early Potter family. In reality, Linfred was nothing more than an identity created by the Time Lord known as the Master, who had infiltrated the British wizarding world for reasons unknown to all but him.

His close descendants would retain a great portion of Time Lord DNA, although it would become diluted over the generations. This, however, led to the spread of Time Lord DNA across the wizard families of Britain, although no visible distinction could be seen from other wizards across the world.

By the 20th century, the Potter family was part of the British peerage and held the title of Marquess of Cadfield. During the last decade of this century, the holder of this title was James Potter, his eldest son Matthew being the heir apparent to the title. It was also during this period that the Master would return as well, possessing James's youngest son Harry through a Chameleon Arch, fusing the two individuals due to a flawed procedure, yet leaving the Master as the dominant personality in the union.