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Potter House is the vacation home of the Potter Family situated in Scotland.



Built in 1938, Potter House was built on the orders of Fleamont Potter as a holiday home for him and his wife. Knowing that Euphemia liked the view and the peace and quiet, Fleamont had the house built in a lower part of Scotland, situating the new holiday home near the small village of Laggan, Badenoch; while still in Scotland, it was far enough away for the scenery to be familiar enough, yet different. The house was finished in January 1940.
Potter House Scenery

1940s - 1970s

Between 1940 and Fleamont's death in 1979, the family spent every summer in Potter House. Out of all of the family, James enjoyed it the most, finding the cooler air and richer culture a nice change from Hogwarts and the rigorous life of Potter Manor.

It was in Potter House, in 1959, when Dorea conceived; she discovered that she was pregnant a few weeks later, when she and Fleamont travelled to Tunisia.



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