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Potions is one of the few required classes for first to third years in Pidoria School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In this class students learn how to brew different potions, how to identify ingredients and when to use them.

Class Information

Only first to third year students to third year are required to take this class. Many potion recipes can be found in books including the ones that they used for teaching. Some of the recipes are not perfect so students can take the initiative to try and make them better.

At the end of a students fifth year they take the O.L.T (Ordinary Level Test) to see how they are doing in the subject compared to the rest of their classmates. During their fifth year they spend it learning recipes that will be on the test as well as reviewing work from the previous years. Those that pass this class with a high level may take the advance level classes.

Location and Time

Potions classes take place in the dungeon and the class has rectangle desks for the students, as well as many shelves filled with ingredients and books.

Year Day Period
First Monday first
Friday first/second
Second Monday first
Wednesday third
Third Monday fourth
Tuesday afternoon
Thursday third
Friday first
Fourth Tuesday third
Friday fourth/fifth
Fifth Monday second (last half)
Sixth afternoon
Seventh Friday sixth


1st Year



  • Types of Cauldrons
  • Types of Vials
  • Antidote to Common Poisons
  • Common Poisons

Known O.L.T's

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