This profile/story complies with book canon but ignores information from Pottermore and other sources.

"Postscript" is a short story by Squibstress written for the 2011 Samhain Smut Fest and told as a series of scenes from the past and the present interpolated with diary entries.

It won third place in the "Most Romantic Story – Threesome/Moresome" category in the 2012 Fall/Winter HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards, and was a Lumos Featured Story for July 2016.


After Minerva McGonagall's death, Headmaster Neville and Mrs Longbottom find her diary, learning that she had had a love affair with the late Rolanda Hooch. What they don't discover is that she also belonged to an exclusive wizarding club where she worked out the frustrations caused by her lover's infidelities.




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