Pope Sixtus IX (Italian: Sisto; Spanish: Sixto; born Carlos Moreno López, 23 February 1905) was Pope of the Aenean Church, holding the title ex officio as Bishop of Rome.



The son of a witch and a muggle father, Carlos Moreno López was born into a middle-class family, and was raised to follow the faith and custom of his witch mother. He attended the school of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and would later graduate, before attaining a greater interest in the church and finally studying at a seminary in Italy.

Priesthood and cardinalate

He was ordained as a priest in 1930, and a few months later he attended the Pontifical University in Florence, seeking to attain a Doctorate in Sacred Theology, finally earning it nine years later. Six years after earning his doctorate, he was appointed as the successor of the late Bishop of Toledo by Pope Felix III.

In the year of 1961, he was raised to Cardinal by Felix III, just two months before the Pope's death. As such, he participated in the election of the next Pope, who assumed the name of Paul IV. The period after this election was somewhat uneventful for López, who decided to write several works of theology, many critically acclaimed by his fellow priests.


In 7 August 1987, Paul IV died, and began once again the process of electing a new Pope. After a moderately lengthy process, López was elected by his fellow Cardinals as the new Bishop of Rome, and assumed the name of Sixtus IX.

By 1994, he was still alive and continued to hold the office of Pope.


Aenean Pope of Rome
Preceded by:
Paul IV
1987 - present Succeeded by:

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