Pikemints are small creatures that are around 5 centimeters tall,They have small flower sprouts on their heads.They look like small plant creatures similar to mandrakes,the only diffrent is that they are smaller and have diffrent abilities and an extrodinary magical power despite of being very small creatures.'


they live in forests especially in very deep forests like the forbidden forest.They feed on Honey,shells of snails that are abonned,Spider eggs,and especially HoneyoliviaNectar a very special plant that are their most favourite things to eat.

The colour of them tells their emotions and feelings

  • Blue-Scared or sorrowed
  • yellow-Happy
  • Red-Starting to get annoyed or curious
  • green-feel disgusted or shy
  • white-Suprised or shocked
  • Purple-very angry especially in a group of other pikemints.When this occurs there is a chance that together with 2 others in the group they form themselves into an "Dark Pikemint Insect" that will bite the butt (or the tail) of the person or creature that made them so angry and that will give them the "Purple Gnepping Sickness"
  • Pink-In love with something

They are normally pretty harmless but they can still fight back if they must,Often they transform themselves to the Dark Pikement Insect.


They have extrodinary abilities,They can create,shape and form nearly anything with wood,mud,sand,grass,dirt,small stones,gravel leaves.They can form "golems" for example.However when making an inanimate object like an golem of some sort they usally have to be inside the "golem" or inanimate object to control it.They can also as stated transform themselves together to for example as stated earlier a fly that can infect people with an small and not deadly but rather more crazy and strong disease and many other abilities


Their dew from the sprouts can be useful for speeding up the process when making potions.

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