Pietro Alessio De Santa, Order of the Star of Romania, Hero of the Mezzogiorno, Order of St. Clair, Order of Horus (b. 22 September 1977), alternatively known as Lupe when in his animagus form, was a half-blood Italian wizard; he was the son of famed Auror Donatello De Santa and his first wife, Carmela (née Scicolone) and elder brother of Marco Maximoff. Born in Naples, Italy, Pietro's parents divorced when he was four, with his father remarrying his former classmate Camelia Burak and his mother remarrying a Romanian-born widower; Antoine Maximoff. Through his mother's second marriage, Pietro gained a step-brother; Mateo Maximoff, and later two step-siblings; Wanda and Marya Maximoff. Through his father's second marriage, he gained two more step-siblings; Salvatore and Carmen De Santa.

Pietro began attending the New Alexandria School of Enlightenment in 1988, followed by his brother Marco two years later. There, he met his best friend, Rawya Zaghloul and found out that his childhood friend and neighbour, Clemente Alborosie, was a wizard. Like his father, Pietro excelled in Defence, though also inherited his lack of interest in anything other than a few select classes. Throughout his years at the school, Pietro was known for his charismatic and confident personality as well as his legendary sexual endeavours which may or may not have included a professor or two. His wild popularity with nearly everybody in the school made him a prime candidate for the delegation to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in order to compete in the Triwizard Tournament during the 1994/1995 school year.

In the summer of 1994, Pietro served as a junior Auror under his father during the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. It was there where he was introduced to Nymphadora Tonks, a bubbly, free-spirited British Auror who became his partner for the duration of the tournament. The two got on quite well, with the two developing mutual feelings for each other; however, after the tournament ended, Pietro's education and Tonks' Auror duties kept them apart. The same year, Pietro traveled to Beauxbatons Academy in France where he partook in the Triwizard Tournament against Aimee Lévesque and Viktor Krum, the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang champions respectively. Pietro dominated most of the tasks, beginning with the Sword Duel against the other champions, which he won while wielding the legendary Sword of Alexandria, and ending with the Maze Run.

After winning the Triwizard Tournament and graduating from New Alexandria, Pietro accepted a post in the Italian Ministry of Magic's Auror department granted to him by the Minister for Magic. Pietro reconnected with Tonks, with the two beginning a relationship in the summer of 1995; they became engaged shortly thereafter, and because of a surprise pregnancy, the two married in April 1996. Their first child, Carmine Angelo De Santa, was born on 23 November 1996, followed by a daughter; Alessia Andromeda De Santa on 7 June 2001.

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