Pidoria is a town that shares the name of the school and land.


Pidoria is a town created around the school when it was built for a second time, as the school grew the town itself grew. This attracted many people to move in and set up shops. It's no where near the popularity of Diagon Alley but it is starting to get there. They even have their own bank all though its not a Gringotts and nowhere near as safe its good enough for those that live in the town.

City Council

The city council is responsible for everything that has to do with the town from making decisions to working with the school. They are the highest ranking government officials in the town.



Aria is what's known as the shopping district most of the shops can be found here as well as the bank.


Haven is known as the residential area of the town giving those who run the shops a place to live or even just looking to start a family. Some have moved here to be closer to their kids who have gone to school.

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