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Appears in the story:
A Simple Twist Of Fate

This article concerns the A Simple Twist Of Fate version of Phineas Parkinson; you may be looking for other canon and fanon versions.

Phineas Parkinson, Viscount Parkinson (born 7 June, 1977) was a Pure-blood wizard, the eldest child and only son of Edward Parkinson and Elizabeth Parkinson and brother of Pansy Parkinson.



Born on 7th June, 1977, Phineas Parkinson was the eldest son and heir of Edward and Elizabeth Parkinson; both of his parents were on the Wizengamont, and his father was a hard worker at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement under the infamous Barty Crouch Snr.

Though they stayed married, his parents no longer slept together as of the birth of Phineas' sister, Pansy. Over the next five years, Phineas and Pansy would be joined by five illegitimate half-siblings; one brother and four sisters.

Kept away from his father's harem of mistresses, including the washer woman who was the mother of his half-siblings, Phineas watched his father grow incredibly obese.

Hogwarts Years

Phineas began Hogwarts in 1988 and was happily sorted into Slytherin.

Developing a friendship with Harry Potter in 1991 changed the life of Phineas and began to make him more mature; raised in a prejudiced family, Phineas had to learn that the teachings of his family may not be entirely correct.


Due to his distant parents, Phineas was a naughty, stingy, completely spoilt rotten teenager and, as a result, was often ignorant of the great battle that was too come during his years at Hogwarts. As well as this, the family he was raised in were prejudiced against Muggleborns and half-bloods.

However, his family's smarts were not lost on him; endearing, clever and easygoing, he could charm almost anyone. He may have had no knowledge of the war, and preferred to play around than be serious, but he did understand the implications of the battle that was too come.



Parkinson Family
Minister Perseus Parkinson, Earl of Rathbone
(b.1706 - d.1785)

Many Generations
Mary Holbourne, Countess of Rathbone
(b.1916 - d.1977)

Hubert Parkinson, Earl of Rathbone
(b.1916 - d.1977)

Harold Parkinson, Earl of Rathbone
(b.1936 - d.1987)
Henrietta Cornfoot, Countess of Rathbone
(b. 1936 -)
Wilhelmina Cornfoot
(b.1937 -)
Tobias Parkinson
(b.1937 - d.1981)
Elizabeth Parkinson, Countess of Rathbone
(b. 14 March 1956 -)
Edward Parkinson, Earl of Rathbone
(b.21 May 1956 -)
Lucy Waite
(b.1956 -)
Phineas Parkinson
(b.7 June 1977 -)
Pansy Parkinson
(b.3 August 1980-)
Arthur Parkinson
Grace Parkinson
Mary Parkinson
Elizabeth Parkinson

Catherine Parkinson

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