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The Penelope Weasley FT is a future timeline in which Percy Weasley marries Penelope Clearwater.

The timeline's status as an alternate universe is debatable, depending on one's view of what constitutes canon. Strict purists, for example, consider only material presented in the seven Harry Potter volumes to be canonical. This excludes information, such as the names of Percy's wife and children, given by J. K. Rowling in interviews. Strict purists, then, would not view a timeline in which Percy Weasley married Penelope Clearwater to be an alternate universe, as it does not contradict the canon of the seven novels, and in fact builds upon the canon pairing presented in Chamber of Secrets.

Several characters are exclusive to this timeline, including Kay, Rae and Ray Weasley, and Professors Skylar, Hollis, Vega, Solon, and Meriwether.


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