Patrick Thatcher and the Colonist's Compass is the first book in the Patrick Thatcher series. It covers Patrick Thatcher's first year at Wentwater Conservatory of Magic in the United States.

The story is followed by Patrick Thatcher and the Ivory Tower.


The American Wizarding World has a new president, but that shouldn't matter to Patrick Thatcher. However, Patrick Thatcher is starting to matter to the American Wizarding World.


  1. The Message Mishap
  2. Grandpa Thatcher's Gift
  3. Agnomon Square
  4. Onward to Wentwater
  5. The Placement Ceremony
  6. Dominick Sumpton
  7. The Founder's Portrait
  8. The Quidditch Team
  9. The Hidden Library
  10. A Haunted Birthday
  11. The Quaffle Quandary
  12. History for the Holidays
  13. Abraham Ortelius
  14. Leads and Letters
  15. The Pressing Issue
  16. Back to the Library
  17. The Secret of the Compass



Patrick Thatcher and the Colonist's Compass (2001-2002)

Patrick Thatcher series


Colonist's Compass · Ivory Tower · General of Thornburg · Emerald Hourglass · Herald's Alliance · Union Guard · Principle of Merlin


Patrick Thatcher · William Quinn · Elizabeth Crane · Emeritus Thatcher · President Franklin Filibuster · Charles Thatcher · Myra Pudderly · Catherine Thatcher · Gregory Huntington · Henri Bellew · Dominick Sumpton


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Wentwater Conservatory of Magic · La Flambeau Academy · Millseed Institute for Magical Learning · Arrowstone School of Wizardry

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