The Parliament of Kinnimoore is the unicameral legislative body of the government of Kinnimoore. It not only makes laws, but also acts as a sort of combined cabinet and privy council, advising the current Duke or Duchess on issues. The Parliament has exactly twelve members, which are elected by the citizens of Kinnimoore for an eight year term. The Parliament elects one of their own to serve as Prime Minister. Each Lord of Parliament is a life peer; each holds the title of Lord, save for the Prime Minister, who holds the title of Baron.

The Parliament is headquartered within it's chamber in Kinnimoore Castle.


After the 2002 election, the Parliament is composed of the following twelve men and women, in descending order of seniority:


Aside from the Prime Minister, each Lord of Parliament is appointed to head a Ministry of Parliament. Each Ministry, usually having a staff of only five or six people, serves in a different way to meet the needs of the people. These ministries are:

Parliament of Kinnimoore

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