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Paranoia Justified: the Diaries of Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody is a collection of the personal papers of the late Auror Alastor Moody, compiled by Orion Cody and edited by Cody and Harry Potter. The book is used by Potter in the training of new Auror's, and is considered by him to be the most important book in his collection.

After Moody's death and the settlement of his estate, all of his personal papers were turned over to the Auror's Office at the Ministry of Magic. Not feeling himself capable of composing the work single-handedly, Potter contacted Orion Cody of Texas, a man mentioned in Moody's letters as a protégé of sorts. Cody compiled the letters into a publishable manuscript, during the process of which Potter grew to respect him as much as he had respected Moody.


"The Chivalrous Deathtrap"

The biggest danger to any agent of good, when fighting denizens of evil is the urge of chivalry.

Chivalry is simply the desire to be fair, to give the opponent a chance. It is the desire to show the opposition a superior morality. To show that you are the good guy after all. This urge has killed more ‘good guys’ than any other force I am aware of.

Here are some hard truths. When you are in a fight, morality is a handicap. When you are facing someone who wants to hurt you or those around you, all the restrictions you place upon yourself will make you a danger -both to yourself or those who you are trying to protect. When someone shows you aggression they are saying, "I don't have your best interest at heart. As a matter of fact, I am here to end you in some way if I can. I will not stop until I am stopped. I will not show quarter. I will cross any boundaries to accomplish my aim." In short they are saying, "It's you or me, and I am biased about the outcome."

This is something you should always keep in mind. They are not your friend at that moment, they are not your family, they are the enemy, they have no mercy for you, so show them none.

My trick is very simple, and will give you the greatest chance at living to see another day.

Cheat. If you are evenly matched, cheat. If they are superior to you cheat, a lot. If they are weaker than you, cheat all the more. More great warriors throughout history have been killed by an inferior opponent getting fortunate, than by any "arch enemy."

"Secret Organizations and Their Uses"

There will be times when an offensive needs to be organized. If you are surrounded by enemies and have no idea who to trust, but a few who you do, then the time has come to think about a forming secret organization, that is an invaluable asset when it comes to fighting against overwhelming or unknown odds.

The advantages are as follows.

Being a secret organization means that your enemies cannot determine your numbers and that creates paranoia in their ranks. It also gives those who would support you a rallying point, a name to call out when they feel scared about what they are facing. Both good and evil, governments and all who rebel have used this method.

Disadvantages are significant as well.

Since you are organized, if one falls so do they all. One defector, one measly turncoat and the entire thing comes down, very few can seem like a lot when unknown, but once revealed, and your entire cause jeopardized by the knowledge of your true size.

A Few Examples of this concept:

Order of the Phoenix
Death Eaters
Dumbledore's Army
The Red Hand

On occasion governments will have groups within that government that do the work that they cannot do officially. The Aurors did not start out as a policing force, but as a group within the Ministry of Magic that did the dirty work the Ministry could not have attributed to it.

In conclusion, if your numbers are small, but determined and the threat is large and overwhelming, consider this strategy, they will not know who hit them!

(Authors Note: Dumbledore’s Army was a student organization, listed here because it was a significant contributing factor in the Battle of Hogwarts. I think it’s interesting that when a corrupt government refused to arm the students to fight they armed themselves and saved that very government. It takes courage and guts and determination to do what you know is right, even when those in power say it’s wrong. I’m not saying doing something illegal is a good thing all of the time, but when the thing that is deemed illegal is the right thing to do, the criminals become the saviours! Orion)

A copy of Paranoia Justified was given to Albus Potter by his father for Christmas in 2017.


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