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Owen Kennedy was the youngest son of Marcus Kennedy and Bevan Kennedy (nee Purcell). His elder brother, Tyrell, was the author of the romance novel "Carnage Of Fortune".

Earlier Life and schooling

When Kennedy first attended Hogwarts he met Charms Professor Wyatt Burch. Burch saw a good wizard who had courage and ambition. Kennedy's favorite subjects included Potions under his aunt, Charla Kennedy, and Defense against the Dark Arts under Professor Ariana Bratton.

In his first class with Bratton, he was paired up with Gryffindor Roderick Prince. After a heated practice duel, when the Gryffindor admitted he wanted to do something to make a difference in the wizarding world, he urged Prince to try either healing or going into the Auror service, a suggestion that would set the Gryffindor on his life's path.

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