Over the Hill Harry is a novel by Prudence Prior.



Harry Potter is an ‘over the hill’ hero who has been wounded and left to write his memoirs until he receives a surprising invitation that will take him back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There he will embark on a new quest to save those he cares for and rescue his world from a dark menace not unlike the old. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, George and Fred reunite to fight the new and terrifying peril.


  1. Harry, the Hero
  2. The Broomstick in the Cupboard
  3. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Emporium
  4. Thorns and Roses Cottage
  5. Preacher, Creature, he's just a Teacher
  6. Domestic Duties of a Dobby Kind
  7. A Tale Told: Death to Voldemort
  8. Sybil, Sybil, Sybil
  9. Malfoy Redux
  10. Misery loves Company
  11. The Night Before Christmas
  12. Babbling on Boxing Day
  13. Up to No Good
  14. The Dark Lord's Crystal
  15. The Potter's Study
  16. A Very Old Man
  17. House of Gryffindor
  18. Eating Crow with Severus
  19. The Ironies of Life
  20. Battle Aloft - Baffled Below
  21. Potter and Malfoy
  22. A Weasley Conclave
  23. Those Talented Few
  24. Raiding the Remarkables
  25. Sliding Doors
  26. Your Goose is Cooked
  27. Sobering Times
  28. Uncle Sevvie and the Spy
  29. Snape's Snake Hunt
  30. Summer Wedding
  31. Waiting
  32. Pity the Child
  33. A Dementor's Dream
  34. Together at Last


Over the Hill Harry

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