The Office of Secrecy is a division of the Department of Magical Affairs. It is charged with masking the presence of Wizarding America from Muggles. The Office of Secrecy routinely establishes defensive spells around any magical locations within the United States, and modifies the memories of any Muggles that might happen to stumble upon Wizarding America. The Office of Secrecy is headed by Raymond Frisk.


Concealment Administration - The Concealment Administration protects Wizarding settlements from discovery by Muggles.

Index Administration - The Index Administration maintains the Muggle Density Index.

Memory Administration - The Memory Administration modifies the memory of any Muggles as need be.

Department of Magical Affairs

Office of Conservation | Office of Consumer Protection | Office of Diplomacy
Office of Justice | Office of Secrecy | Office of Special Services | Office of Transportation

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