Nihilism was a religious belief which came to be during the early phase of the First Generation of the Great Void, and flourished under the guidance of its creator, an individual known as the Heresiarch.

The main and sole force of Nihilism were the Nihilists, who waged war against the Ancestral Sovereigns.


Core beliefs

The core belief of Nihilism was that the Great Void was itself a sentient and all-powerful entity, but was unable to act because of the presence of the ten Ancestral Sovereigns, whose power came from the slumbering entity which the Nihilists worshipped. Due to this, they sought to awaken the Great Void by destroying the Ancestral Sovereigns.


Despite the defeat of the Nihilists and the annihilation of their beliefs, part of them survived. In a strange twist of irony, the Ancestral Sovereigns adopted certain parts of the Nihilist belief after its downfall, altering them to be compatible with their rule over the Great Void.


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