"Next Midnight" is a next-gen novelette written by momotwins.

The book is preceded by the novel A Weirder Shade of Midnight, and followed by the novel Midnight Over Broadway.


Rose Weasley has been living in sin with Scorpius Malfoy for two years now, and intends to carry on dodging actually marrying him - no matter what happens.

Any time we went to a wedding, he got a look in his eye like he might want to ask me. I did move in with him, surely that was enough commitment for anyone? I mean, I do love him, but I'm too young to get married.



  1. Wedding Disasters
  2. Number Five
  3. Contagious
  4. Maternal
  5. Chaos
  6. Delivery
  7. Weasley-Malfoy


The Midnight series

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