The New Alexandria class of 1995 are a set of fifty students who finished their education at the New Alexandria School of Enlightenment in the year 1995. Forty-six out of the fifty students had attended for the full seven years while the rest were transfers from toher schools. This particular class was notable for producing a Triwizard Champion, Pietro Maximoff, who was chosen to lead his school in the restored Triwizard Tournament where he defeated the challengers from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons.

Student body


Victor Mattityahu 

Victor Isaac Mattityahu was an Israeli student from Jerusalem and one of two Jewish students in his year. He was a rather reserved person as a kid but became more outspoken as time went on. Victor was a pure-blood and raised as an Orthodox Jew. He was rather famous in his class for being a Zionist and a strong supporter of the State of Israel, the land where he was raised. This caused conflict with many of the Arab students, who were traditionally anti-Israel and some, like Idris Gaddafi, were virulent anti-Semites who would have liked nothing more than the Jewish state to be destroyed. Mattityahu's defence of his people had gained him admiration among the others and became a rather popular and respected fellow among most of the student body.

After graduation, Victor was accepted into an internship at the Israeli Ministry of Magic's Wizards' Sanhedrin. He became a judge and later became Head of the Court in 2014, the youngest in the Ministry's history. He married a fellow Israeli two years his junior, Nava Bensaïd, and with her had four children.

Pietro Maximoff

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