"Call us Hellenes, and we shall ignore you. Call us Romans, and we shall aid you."
—Athanasios to Greek diplomats during the Greek War of Independence
Master-Rector Nestor Athanasios, 1st Duke of Nicosia (1754 - 1851) was a pure-blood wizard and one of the most important figures in the Nicaean War of Independence. He is also famous for his works in Al-Antidian history, one of his best known books being an introductory handbook to the history and culture of Al-Antidia.


Early life

Born in Cyprus under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, he was a student at the Cypriot Lyceum of Magical Arts, graduating as one of the institution's most distinguished students. Travelling the world, he gathered an extensive knowledge of the long defunct Al-Antidian Empire, and upon his return to Cyprus he was invited to become an instructor at the Cypriot Lyceum, focusing on his favoured subject of wizarding history.

His work saw him being awarded the honorary position of Master-Rector, and was invited by the Imperial Ministry of History to oversee the exploration of a newly discovered sector of the Al-Antidian city of Teskla Nor. This exploration led to him meeting Romanos Anemas, at the time the leader of the Regency Council of the Roman Empire, and Bey of Anatolia in the non-magical world.

Rebel commander

His skills having been noticed by Romanos, Athanasios was recruited to the underground Nicaean independence movement, having been promised the liberation of Cyprus from the Ottomans. During this pre-war period, he was charged with many intelligence and sabotage efforts, having been the main responsible for the weak defences of Constantinople during the attack on the city by forces loyal to Romanos. After the Treaty of Diyarbakir, he was the first individual to be awarded with the newly created Order of the Golden Eagle and the Order of Emperor Constantine IX. His service to Romanos also saw him made Duke of Nicosia, a title which was inherited by his descendants.

Later life and death

After the war, he returned to Cyprus, now under Nicaean control, and returned to his old post at the Lyceum, becoming one of the most highly regarded instructors there. Sometime after his return, he became involved in Nicaean politics once again, and was part of the efforts to aid Greek nationalists during their own war of independence against the Ottomans. At the age of fifty-seven, he became the head of the Cypriot Lyceum, and would retire two months after his ninety-fourth birthday. He died three years later.

Marriage and Issue

On 5 June 1778, Nestor Athanasios married the half-blood witch Leontia Kamaterina (1753 - 1857). Their issue was:

  • Theodosius Kamateros Athanasios (1780 - 1884), succeeded his father as 2nd Duke of Nicosia;
  • Anna Kamaterina Athanasina (1784 - 1875);
  • Ioannes Kamateros Athanasios (1784 - 1891);


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