Nergal II was King of Idloatai, succeeding his father Laqtinuj. He was the second member of the Laqtinujids to hold the title, and was succeeded by his son Nergal III.


The name Nergal has Middle Idloatean origins, evolving from the Old Idloatean Neurugal. It's original form was composed by the elements ne, meaning "lord", urug, meaning either "house" or "dwelling", and al, meaning "great". Taking in consideration the grammatical structure of both Old and Middle Idloatean languages, the name Neurugal translates as either "lord of the great house", or as "lord of the great dwelling". It is theorized by Al-Antidian historians that this name originated as a title used by the local nobility of the region of Idloatai. The name later became exclusive to the Divine Sovereign of Al-Antidia.


Nergal II of Idloatai
Born: 413919 TE Died: 418926 TE
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Idloatai
418529 - 418926 TE
Succeeded by
Nergal III

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