Prince Nergal of Al-Antidia (35732 - 36685) was the only child of Divine Sovereign Anipheon IX and his wife, Queen Ahkatheria of Varandiil Aanor, and an Exalted Prince by birth. According to Anipheon himself, he was mostly raised by his mother, as his father was focused on his own plans.

However, this led to Nergal adopting certain aspects of his mother's personality, becoming both sadistic and malevolent. The discovery of this led to Anipheon privately branding the two as traitors, and made the Divine Sovereign plot both the fall of his dynasty, its resurgence in the person of his youngest son, and the survival of the legacy of the Al-Antidian Empire.

Both oblivious to Anipheon's plan, Nergal and his mother were killed by the forces of Cloteias during the Siege of Varandiil Aanor.


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