Nellith Amidala Skywalker was born in 34 ABY (1981) to Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) and Kara Aster on Tatooine. Skywalker was raised to be a Knight of Ren and even a lady of the Sith. She was sent to infiltrate Beauxbatons Academy in 45 ABY (1982) to seduce Lucy Potter to the Dark Side of the Force.


Early Childhood


For the first four years of her life, Skywalker lived with Aster on Tatooine. Her mother was gentle and sweet, a sharp contrast to the Knights of Ren and Darth Lumiya. Skywalker was happy there, and rarely ever saw her father. All that changed by 38 ABY (1985).

Sith Apprentice

Her mother caught wind that her father was attempting to take her back in order to train her to be a Sith Lady and the next master of the Knights of Ren. For seven days, Aster managed to evade the Knights of Ren, when Darth Lumiya took matters into her own hands. Lumiya trapped their vessel in Ship and slaughtered Aster in front of Skywalker's eyes. Lumiya then took the girl and began training her as a Sith Lady, Kylo Ren at her side.

The training was torturous and brutal, resulting in Skywalker's stunted growth. She grew to hate her world, and simultaneously hated and loved her father and master.

Beaubatons School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

First Year (1992-93/45 ABY-46)

Skywalker was sent under the name Nellith Naberrie to seduce Lucie Durand to the Dark Side. She found that Durand had disturbing talent for the Dark Arts, and encouraged it. She found herself doubting the Dark Side because of her hatred.

Personality and Traits

Physical Traits

Skywalker was petite, muscular, and had her father's brown eyes and her great-grandfather's blond hair. She also had her great-grandmother's heart-shaped face and her grandmother's button nose.


Skywalker was hateful and petty, partially because she still remembered love and happiness despite the brainwashing. She had a strong mind and was a stubborn, courageous individual. She was difficult to break, which frustrated her father and her master.


  • Lightsaber- a saber-staff, Skywalker built it the age of seven (41 ABY/1988) with a red crystal and a golden one.
  • Wand- Skywalker had a wand to masquerade her true use of the Force.
  • The Storyteller- A Z-95 Headhunter built for Skywalker, named after her mother.


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