The Nandi Bear is a species of magical beast from East Africa.


The Nandi Bear is a massive beast, looking like a monstrous version of a Muggle hyena. It has a thick, muscular body and legs and a short tail. It is covered in tan fur with some dark stripes. It has massive jaws, filled with sharp teeth. It has bright red eyes and a bear-like head. It has four legs, with each foot having four, sharp claws.


The Nandi Bear is a vicious hunter, known for consistently killing human beings. Strangely it is only known to eat the brains of its victims, leaving the rest to be consumed by scavengers. It's sharp claws can easily rip apart its prey. Its howl alone is capable of sending fear into its victims. It is well known for rearing up on its back legs and slamming down into its prey, usually killing them instantly. It is capable of climbing trees, and will drop down from above onto its prey, usually killing them instantly as well.


A Nandi Bear was responsible for a series of murders in an African village in 1961. It was finally chased away by a group of Aurors after months of terror in the community.

In 1989, a special reserve was set up in East Africa to both protect the Nandi Bear from humans and protect humans from the beast itself.


The bones of the Nandi Bear, or its teeth if bones can't be obtained, can be used in potions. Specifically, they can be used in the Strengthening Solution, a potion that gives the drinker great strength, like that of a Nandi Bear, for a period of time.


  • The Nandi Bear is rated XXXXX by the Ministry of Magic due to the fact that it is a known wizard-killer and will not hesitate to kill a human being.

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