Muireann Rionach Prince (nee Barratt) was born in Killarney, Kerry County to Daire Barratt and his wife, Gormlaith.

Early life

Muireann was born on a May 12. The first sign of magic she showed was levitating a heather bloom from a table beside her crib to show her mother. Her brother adored her and would insist on watching over her. Muirrean would later joke that she was more his baby than anyone's.

Her first childhood friend was a Muggleborn witch named Alanna Ridgebit.


Muireann went to Hogwarts and was accepted into Ravenclaw under Head of House Mnemosyne McBride.


A water elemental, she and her future husband, Roderick, worked as a team from the time they were assigned together in the Auror Office. They had two children together, Caol and Eibhlin.
Oathing stone

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