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Appears in the story:
Tempus (Story)

One of the many stations on the WWN (Wizardly Wireless Network), MuggleNet Radio is focused on music from the Muggle World that has become popular in the Wizarding World. It also covers news from the muggle world for Muggle-Born's to stay informed. Mugglenet Radio owns the 23-station block and uses each station and substation to broadcast different genre's of music.

A list of some popular MuggleNet Radio Stations:

  • 23.01 WMNN (World Muggle News Network)
  • 23.14 ARTS (Alternative Rock Thrash Station)
  • 23.20 PMSR (Popular Modern Sounds Radio)
  • 23.22 JAZZ (Classic Jazz, Swing, and Big Band Radio)
  • 23.67 SK8R (Skater Rock Radio)
  • 23.82 RECR (Retro Eighties Classics Radio) Plays some of the most popular Muggle Music from the Eighties

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