Morsmordre is a collection of oneshots by various contributing authors, collectively known as The Death Eaters, of the HarryPotterFanfiction website.


We are the savior of men. Of pure blooded men. The ones to whom magic so rightly belongs. Just like taking the lesser road, we made a choice. And now that choice marks us for life.


  1. "Antonin Dolohov: Offered"
  2. "Igor Karkaroff: The Powers in Weakness"
  3. "Alexander Avery Sr.: Seven Words"
  4. "Falkner Selwyn: The Price of Loyalty"
  5. "Goyle Sr.: Dangerously Swift"
  6. "Thorfinn Rowle: The Muggleborn"
  7. "Vincent Crabbe Sr.: Friends are Thick as Thieves"
  8. "Jeffery Gibbon: The Sting of Cowardice"
  9. "Mulciber Jr: A Pureblood Through and Through"
  10. "Regulus Black: A New Family"
  11. "Lucius Malfoy: A Greater Purpose"
  12. "Barty Crouch Jr.: Broken Promises"
  13. "Fenrir Greyback: The Animal Within"
  14. "Roxton, Rodolphus, and Rabastan Lestrange: Family Honor"
  15. "Narcissa Malfoy: Refusing To Wilt"



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