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Gender  Male
Eyes  Brown
Hair  Brown, later Silver-Gray
Born  768
Died  1124
Blood  Muggle-born
Wand  Hemlock, 14 inches
Patronus  Owl

Merlin (768-1124) is commonly regarded as the founder of the modern Wizarding World. He is known throughout the globe among muggles and wizards alike for his sorcery, and is arguably the world's greatest and most famous wizard. He is also arguably the world's greatest and most famous muggle-born.



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During his travels, Merlin studied various magical disciplines under several different tutors. He learned herbology in the gardens of Zetheron, alchemy in the laboratory of Arcturus, and transfiguration in the study of Gamp. He studied the art of potions under Helga Usborne and arithmancy under Violeta Trask.

Involvement with King Arthur

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Withdrawal into hermitage

In the last few decades of his life, Merlin made a slow withdrawal from society. He began a quiet life of introspective study and experimentation at his secret retreat.


Merlin was killed by his own self-confidence. Disturbed by the ease at which the poison morticaine kills, he decided to build a resistance to it by taking progessively larger doses over a long period of time. He underestimated the potency of the poison, and died within seconds of ingesting the first dose.


Magical Advances

Merlin made countless advances in magic, ranging from herbology and magizoology to potions and wandlore. Several notable innovations in potions made by Merlin are the Frigus Solution, Veritaserum, and Recuboserum.

Merlin is also the first recorded furnimagus, having the ability to transform himself into a wooden milking stool.

Order of Merlin

Since the creation of the Ministry of Magic in 1605, the state-awarded Order of Merlin is a mark of prestige and triumph for accomplished wizards and witches.

Popular Culture

Expressions such as Merlin's Beard! and more vulgar derivations have remained popular for centuries and show no sign of fading out of style.

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